Browsing the Internet looking for distressed homes and condos I found approx. 7,578 units in different stage of foreclosure in the four Central Florida counties. The counties that I am talking about are: Lake, Orange, Seminole and Osceola. In Lake County there are 736 homes in distressed sales or one of every 189 homes in that county. Seminole County has 895 distressed sales or one of every 192 homes in Seminole county are in a distressed sale. Osceola county has 1,703 in distressed sale or one of every 69 homes, which is the highest percents of homes in foreclosure in Central Florida. Than we have Orange county with 4,244 homes in foreclosure or one of every 106 homes being foreclosed on. The above numbers are approximate but I believe that they are close to the reality that we were facing here in Central Florida in December of 2008.
You might be wondering where is he going with this, well there are two things that I am wondering about at this moment. Looking at the above numbers, which are a sad testimony of the status of the market today. I ask where is the economic stimulus packet? Why are these people not getting any help? Why is there no funds available today for people that want to buy them self a home to live in?
Than there is the other side of this problem,  as a Realtor I work a lot with investors, they do have funds and they love buying houses for 50 cents on the dollar or less. These are the easy jobs today, I am finding plenty of units for the investors and the banks that are getting worried about their fat properties folders are now dumping anything and everything they can.

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