It is amazing how inventive people and companies are.  Watching WFTV news last night I saw their article about Eagle Creek community.  The homeowners received a letter from the Management Company for the community, stating that if you don’t pay up your homeowners association fees, you will be locked out of the community.  See article HERE.  

Eagle Creek is one of the worst hit community in the Orlando area with extremely high percentage of foreclosures and prices of homes have dropped 40 to 60% from their highest level.  So it is understandable that the Homeowners Association and the Management Company wants to do something to stop this and pressure for payments.  But taking action like this and hearing this news makes me wonder and ask a lot of questions, for example:


Why this Wall Street Attitude?

Do they think they are above the law?

Aren’t any provisions in the law that they can use to collect?

Won’t this lower home value more in the subdivision?

Has the legislator failed Homeowners Associations?

Does someone that is having hardship and loosing thousands of dollars deserve this?


Than I wonder, with all these foreclosures and housing problems.  Will we see Homeowners and Condo Associations next on the court house steps?


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