Pictur by Jim WarrenEveryone is telling me that I have to Blog!  And I tell them that is what I have been doing.  And they tell me it is not enought to Blog in Iceland, you have to Blog on your website too.  Ok, no problem that is what I will do.  So I have been wondering what should I Blog about and how should I Blog about it?  Listening to my customers, the most common question that is asked is: When will the market turn around?  Well if you could give anyone a definite answer and be sure that it would be right, I would most likely not be here.  I would have a much higher paying job, most likely on Wall Street or in Washington.  You see with all the predictions of the entire economists in the Country I haven’t heard one that can tell us that definitely.  But it seems if we add everything they say together divide by two and that take the average of the sum, the most likely answer is around mid or later half of the year 2009. 

But the thing is; it is hard to stop an avalanche or a herd of wild horses after they start moving and it seems to be impossible to predict where everything will stop.  Like I told one customer, I don’t expect prices to go much lower than they are today.  They are already below building cost!  Well I was wrong they are still inching lower.  But one thing is for sure: It has never been better to buy than now, prices below building cost and interest rates below 5%.  Yes this is the Buyers Market of All Times.


If you are interested in seeing my Icelandic Blog then just follow this link:  http://fasteign.blog.is/


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