I was starting to believe that there were no honest contractors left within the State of Florida that they had all been extinct like the Dinosaurs and the only contractors left were the dishonest Cockroaches.  But pleasantly I found, which I believe to be the only honest one that is left in the State or at least in Central Florida.  He seems to be the only one that really cares about doing things the right way, i.e. build by the book without cutting corners, finding the best and the lowest priced subcontractors, moving things along without delays and making sure that everyone on the job cooperates.  In addition to this I can honestly say that his manners are courteous and professional.  I do not expect to ever hear from him the words that one of his predecessor on this job said to me, when I pointed out to him that when he was asking for a change order, which was already in the contract: “ You f……, s… I will get you for this”.  After spending four years building a 1.175 Sq. Ft. heated home and being on the third contractor and finally finding an honest and hard working one, surrounded by honest and hard working subcontractors, I feel that I have to let everyone know, THAT THERE IS HOPE OUT THERE!  This is why I am listing his company’s name, the subcontractor’s names and their contact numbers:

Atlantic Development Corporation, Jeffrey Lantz, tel: 407-328-0123

Optimal Electric, Inc., Gary J. Monsees, tel: 407-323-0377

Direct Plumbing Solutions, Inc. John Ashworth, tel: 407-221-1249

Anthony’s Wallpaper and Painting, Anthony Biskner, tel: 407-221-4257


I want all to know that no one asked me to write this blog, but I am getting tired of all the publicity that the bad guys get in the media so I wanted to let you know about the good guys.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the media would report about the honest hard working people that are out there instead of always talking about the negative ones in the news? 


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