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Haiti needs us.

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker and Erna Sigurdsson, Real

When tropical storm Isaac went over Haiti in the end August this year, the media started to tell us that two years and eight months after the earthquake that devastated the country, 390,000 people are still living in tents. This news had a big effect on us at The Viking Team, Realty and made us think about what we can do to help these unfortunate people. We started to look for more information and found on the UN website that still after all this time, 600,000 people are still displaced, of them 390,000 are living in tents. We also found that 588,000 have been infected by cholera, which has killed 7,500. Isaac killed 24 people and 3 are missing. In our search to find out what we can do, we found The Caring Home Project. The Caring Home Project was founded by Frank McKinney with the purpose helping the people of Haiti by among other building self-efficient villages. Today they have built 17 villages with 50 homes, a school, orphanage, community center, medical clinic, water management projects, wind generators and agricultural programs, just to mention few things of what they do. To learn more about the Caring Home Project, follow this link:

We at The Viking Team, Realty realize that we cannot solve all the problems of the people of Haiti, but we can help. From now on we will donate $100 of every closing that we have to the foundation, we will also encourage the other Realtor in the deal, the seller, the buyer and the Title Company to do the same. It is our hope that for every closing that we have that we can raise $500 for the foundation. This will mean that with every 7th closing we have raised enough funds to build a home for a family of eight. The cost of building a concrete home with a metal roof is $3,500. This home has two bedrooms, kitchen and a porch. We will also encourage other Realtors to do the same, as many hands working together make the work easy.

Orlando's Real Estate Market is Up and Runnign awaiting Foreign Nationals.

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker and Erna Sigurdsson, Real

New construction in Orlando FloridaHome builders in the Orlando area of Central Florida are starting new developments, knowing that the slump is almost over.  They want to make sure that they will be ready when the market wakes up.  Today they are offering homes at a very affordable price with the purpose of keeping their building machine up and running.

For example David Weekley Homes is building new homes in Orlando. This tropical locale is a major tourist destination with beautiful beaches and an array of attractions. They offer beautifully-designed homes that combine style and comfort. In addition to elegant and innovative design, David Weekley homes boast classic exteriors and spacious interiors designed for the way you live.

As one of the largest Orlando home builders, they offer wide variety of floor plans and exteriors. They can help you customize your new home with an extensive selection of finishes, including flooring, paint colors, countertops, appliances, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and more.

Contact us as the Viking Team, Realty ( ) and allow us to show you and your customers New Homes in Orlando.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2