The reality is that Home buying is still an investment. It is an investment you not only make in yourself and your own wealth building, but also an investment you make in your family, community and personal well being.

Finding the right home for youThe recent economic slump and housing downfall have lead some to believe that the American Dream is no longer a dream, but a Nightmare. It is not hard to see how they have come to see it that way with the news constantly talking about foreclosures and short sales.

Your home buying experience should be a pleasant one, but so should your home owning experience. By following these couple of sound principles when purchasing your home, you will be in a better position to own your home for the long term.

1. Buy the dream home you can afford. When buying a home, it is easy to get carried away with all the extras. When you are looking for a home, seperate your needs from your wants. Your needs might be 3 bedrooms and an office, but your wants might be a swimming pool, upgraded kitchen and an extra bedroom for guests. Work with your Realtor to get as much of your wants into the home that you need, but you also need to make sure that you can afford the payments.

2. When you buy, make it a long term investment. Real estate historically has shown to be a great investment, over the decades property value has increased 6% annually. During the housing bubble, that might have been 6% in a month, but those prices were not sustainable. It has never been as affordable as now to buy, with both low prices and low interest rates. When you buy and sell Real Estate, there is a cost associated with that and if you are only buying for the short term, it does not give you much of a return.

3. Fixed, affordable payments. When finding the right financing for your mortgage, fixed payments that you can afford are best for most buyers. Then if your income goes up, you will have more money to use for other things, maybe even upgrade the kitchen you really wanted.

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