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Willowpointe Condo Subdivision in Ventura Country Club

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker and Erna Sigurdsson, Real

The Willowpointe Condo Subdivision in Ventura Country Club has 96 units. All the units in Willowpointe are 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom, they are either 892 or 914 square feet. Both the first and second floor units are block construction with stucco. All the roofs in Willowpoint are tiled. Willowpointe has a swimming pool that is heated in the winter time. Let´s look at the market statistics for the last 180 days in Willowpointe.

Market statistic for Willowpointe Condo in Ventura Country Club

No units are available in Willowpointe today.


Oasis Subdivision of Ventura Country Club

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker

There are two subdivisions in Ventura called Oasis, that is Oasis I and Oasis II. There are 28 units in Oasis I condominium and they are either 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom 712 square feet units or 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom 886 square feet units. Oasis II has 94 units that are either 2 bedroom 2 bathroom 1,045 square feet or 1,226 square feet units that have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Oasis I and Oasis II share a swimming pool that is located between the subdivisions. Let´s now look at the sales statistics for Oasis for the last 180 days.

Oasis in Ventura Country Club market statistics

Here below you can view the units that are available or pending sale in Oasis


Southpointe Subdivision in Ventura Country Club Orlando.

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker

The purpose of this blog is to show owners in Southpointe and interested parties what has been happening there as to Real-Estate sales for the last 180 days.  Southpointe is the largest Subdivision in Ventura Country Club, it has 448 units in 32 buildings. Southpointe has two swimming-pools and one hot spa, one of the pools is heated in the winter time. There are two models of condominium in Southpointe a: two bedroom and two bathroom model, that is 820 Square Feet  and then a one bedroom, one bathroom model that is 675 Square Feet.  Lets look at the statistics for Southpointe starting with the one bedroom units.

Southpointe Condominium in Ventura Country Club market statistics

And now lets look at the two bedroom units in Southpointe.

Southpointe Condominium in Ventura Country Club market statistics

Here below you can see what is available and pending in Southpointe today.



Geeky Realtor, Erna Neal, earns IMSD designation

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker and Erna Neal, Realtor

Orlando Real estate Agent Erna Neal Awarded Internet Marketing Specialist Designation

Advanced Marketing Designation Recognizes Deep Understanding of Internet Marketing Strategies for Helping Customers Buy & Sell Homes

Orlando, FL (June, 2014) – Erna Neal, a leading Real estate professional with The Viking Team, Realty in Longwood, FL, has been awarded the Internet Marketing Specialist designation for her proficiency in using Internet marketing strategies to help her customers market their properties throughout the Web.

Ms. Neal is now completely trained in marketing Real estate across the Internet, including on all the major search engines, social media channels, CraigsList and more – with proven strategies that drive the maximum traffic and inquiry volume to help homes get sold fast and for the highest price possible.

“The most important attribute in choosing a Real estate agent today is mastery of the Web as a marketing tool for your home or property,” said Ben Kinney, founder of the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation.  “Erna has mastered the Web marketing best practices I actively use in my practice, and has differentiated herself among other real estate professionals in the market with these skills.”

For more information about Erna Neal, please visit

About Erna Neal

Born and raised in Iceland and then moved to Florida just in time to start high school, Erna has thrived in Florida. Mother of twin daughters, she enjoys spending time with her kids, volunteering with their Girl Scout troop and for the Girl Scout service unit as Juliette coordinator. She also has not forgotten her Icelandic roots and serves as the President of the Icelandic American Association of Florida. Her passion is Real estate and it is always exciting for her to see her efforts of marketing a home properly result in the best deals properly for her sellers and to find that perfect property for her buyers at the terms that they are seeking. Her husband works in commercial real estate at the same company.


Press Contact:

Erna Neal, Realtor

The Viking Team, Realty

Petur and The Viking Team Realty are #1 in Ventura Country Club for 2012

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker and Erna Sigurdsson, Real

Number 1 in Ventura Country Club for 2012.


The number one goal of every Realtor should be to protect the property. In other words to protect the value of your investment by doing our best to get you the highest and best Viking Team #1 in Ventura Country Club Orlando Floridaprice for the property. We can accomplish this by doing extensive marketing and displaying your property in the manner that the property and you deserve. This has always been the goal of The Viking Team, Realty and it has been confirmed by the Multi Listing System (MLS) of Central Florida which ranks both The Viking Team, Realty and Petur Sigurdsson, Realtor number one in total sales price and highest average price per sale in Ventura Country Club. This goal was reached even though some of the properties that we sold were distressed sales. So if your intention is to sell your Ventura property and would like to get the highest and best price for it you should call Petur Sigurdsson Realtor at 321-263-5096 or e-mail him at

Historical values of homes in Central Florida.

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker and Erna Sigurdsson, Real

Historical values of homes in Central Florida

This graph shows the median end of year value of homes in Central Florida, since the year 1989. When looking at the graph you will see that historically  prices in our area go up 3.11% a year. This graph also shows us  how the housing bubble effected our market and how unrealistically it effected our market values. The graph also shows us that in the year of 2010 we hit the bottom, with the median value of only $105,000. This was a huge drop from the historically high value of $250,000 in 2006, which as we all know by now were inflated by faulty appraisals and pick a payment mortgages.  Let’s look at what is happening today. The median home value is up to $122,900 and rising steadily. The trend line tells us that the median value should be $140,000. We can expect to return to the historic trend by between the end of 2013 and the middle of 2014. It is my feeling that the market is correcting itself. We can not expect any jump in the market value as buyers are careful and do not intend to get burned again.  




Haiti needs us.

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker and Erna Sigurdsson, Real

When tropical storm Isaac went over Haiti in the end August this year, the media started to tell us that two years and eight months after the earthquake that devastated the country, 390,000 people are still living in tents. This news had a big effect on us at The Viking Team, Realty and made us think about what we can do to help these unfortunate people. We started to look for more information and found on the UN website that still after all this time, 600,000 people are still displaced, of them 390,000 are living in tents. We also found that 588,000 have been infected by cholera, which has killed 7,500. Isaac killed 24 people and 3 are missing. In our search to find out what we can do, we found The Caring Home Project. The Caring Home Project was founded by Frank McKinney with the purpose helping the people of Haiti by among other building self-efficient villages. Today they have built 17 villages with 50 homes, a school, orphanage, community center, medical clinic, water management projects, wind generators and agricultural programs, just to mention few things of what they do. To learn more about the Caring Home Project, follow this link:

We at The Viking Team, Realty realize that we cannot solve all the problems of the people of Haiti, but we can help. From now on we will donate $100 of every closing that we have to the foundation, we will also encourage the other Realtor in the deal, the seller, the buyer and the Title Company to do the same. It is our hope that for every closing that we have that we can raise $500 for the foundation. This will mean that with every 7th closing we have raised enough funds to build a home for a family of eight. The cost of building a concrete home with a metal roof is $3,500. This home has two bedrooms, kitchen and a porch. We will also encourage other Realtors to do the same, as many hands working together make the work easy.

Central Florida Market Update for March

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker and Erna Sigurdsson, Real

The Central Florida Real estate Market Update on March 14th, 2012



*Orlando home sales (all home types combined) in February 2012 were down 15.19 percent over February 2011.

*Single-family home sales in the Orlando area decreased by 2.82 percent in February when compared to February of last year. Condo sales decreased by 34.27 percent; duplex, town home, and villa sales decreased by 27.31 percent.

*Of the 1,854 sales in February, 738 "normal” sales accounted for 39.81 percent of all sales, while 498 bank-owned and 618 short sales respectively made up 26.86 percent and 37.98 percent.

*The number of "normal” sales in February increased by 29.02 percent over February 2011, while short-sales increased 20.00 percent and foreclosures dropped 54.02 percent.

*The 9,348 homes pending closing in February of this year is an increase of 1.37 percent compared to the 9,223 pendings in February of last year.

*Short sales made up 69.84 percent of pendings in February. Normal properties accounted for 17.02 percent and bank-owned properties accounted for 13.14 percent.

*Sales of existing homes within the entire Orlando MSA (Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties) in February were down by 14.20 percent when compared to February of 2011. Each individual county’s monthly sales comparisons are as follows:

  • Lake: 17.14 percent above February 2011 (369 homes sold in February 2012 compared to 315 in February 2011);
  • Orange: 15.54 percent below February 2011 (1,207 homes sold in February 2012 compared to 1,429 in February 2011);
  • Osceola: 27.77 percent below February 2011 (398 homes sold in February 2012 compared to 551 in February 2011); and
  • Seminole: 15.27 percent below February 2011 (394 sold in February 2012 compared to 465 in February 2011).

Median Price

*The median price of all existing homes combined sold in January 2012, $108,000, is a 13.80 percent increase from the $94,900 median price recorded in January 2011.

*The median price for "normal” existing homes sold in February is $150,000, is a decrease of 3.23 percent from the median price of "normal” existing homes in February 2011.

*The median price for short sales increased by 5.26 percent to $100,000, while the median price for bank-owned sales increased by 8.11 percent to $80,000.


*There are currently 9,253 homes available for purchase through the MLS. The February 2012 overall inventory level is 31.36 percent lower than it was in February 2011, and almost equal to what it was in January 2012.

*Single-family home inventory is down 32.68 percent; condo inventory is down 18.46 percent.

*The current pace of sales translates into 4.99 months of supply.


*The Orlando affordability index decreased to 271.61 percent in February. First-time homebuyer affordability in February decreased to 193.14 percent.

*Homes of all types spent an average of 96 days on the market before coming under contract in February 2012, and the average home sold for 93.14 percent of its listing price.

*New contracts are down 8.00 percent compared February of 2011. New listings are down 0.58 percent.

Candle Beggar, Kertasnýkir.

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker and Erna Sigurdsson, Real

Candle Beggar

Candle Beggar arrives on Christmas Eve Day, 24 December. In former times, candles were the brightest lights available to people. They were so rare and precious that all children longed to have their very own candle for Christmas. And poor Candle Beggar – well, he also longed for a candle. The National Museum is open between 11 and 12 on Christmas Eve Day, to welcome Candle Beggar.

The Kertasníkir, Candle Beggarthirteenth was Candle Beggar
- ‘twas cold, I believe,
if he was not the last
of the lot on Christmas Eve.

He trailed after the little ones
who, like happy sprites,
ran about the farm with
their fine tallow lights.

From the poem The Yuletide Lads by Jóhannes úr Kötlum.                                                                   

English translation by Hallberg Hallmundsson.



Meat Hook, Kjetkrókur.

by Petur Sigurdsson, Broker and Erna Sigurdsson, Real

Meat Hook

St. Thorlák's Day, 23 December, is the day of Meat Hook's arrival. Meat Hook was crazy about meat. In the old days he would lower a long stick through the chimney and snag a smoked leg of lamb hanging from the rafters, or a piece of smoked lamb from the pot. In those days the smoked lamb, which is traditional Icelandic Christmas fare, was cooked on St. Thorlák's Day.

Ketkrókur, Meat HookMeat Hook, the twelfth one,
his talent would display
as soon as he arrived
on Saint Thorlak's Day.

He snagged himself a morsel
of meet of any sort,
although his hook at times was
a tiny bit short.


From the poem The Yuletide Lads by Jóhannes úr Kötlum.                             

English translation by Hallberg Hallmundsson.

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