Many people who are renting are not insuring their belongings, according to an article published by Florida Realtors only 43% of renters in 2006 had insurance to cover their belongings.

The landlords insurance for the property does not cover belongings of the tenant and also it does not cover accidents to guests.

Rental Insurance can be as little as a cup of Starbucks coffee a week, you might be able to get discounts if you add rental insurance to a policy you already have, for example bundle it with your auto insurance, also there may be discounts for having smoke alarms, fire extinguisher and other safety items in the unit. In the above mentioned article, the average cost for rental insurance in 2008 was $176, which comes out to be $3.39 per week or $14.67 per month.

The web-site Know Your Stuff can help you take inventory of your belongings and guide you through the steps to get the right coverage for you.

Your belongings may be worth more than you think, it took years to amass all of the belongings and frequently people underestimate how much their belongings are worth.