Twitter is fired up with Tweets about a change in the Horoscope. A story broke that claims that there is a change in the zodiac signs, adding an additional sign that is called the Ophiuchus, the 13th sign.

According to statistics, 1/3 of females read their horoscope every day. Many people have their zodiac sign tattooed on their body or they have a coffee mug with their zodiac sign. Dating sites ask you what zodiac sign you fall under and to some that is a helpful tool to find that perfect mate.

If you were counting on your horoscope to tell you when a good time to buy a house is, you don’t have to worry about the changes and how to read your horoscope. An article from CNN explains that this does not apply to those using the tropical zodiac which is the one used in the United States, therefore nothing has changed for you. If you were a Scorpio, you are still a Scorpio. You can continue on with your house shopping (if that’s what the horoscope told you).

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Photo by: Poonomo