When you buy a home that comes with a septic tank that also means that you have the added responsibility of taking care of that septic tank. Whether you like it or not, every few years that septic tank will have to be pumped out.  There is a reason why you see so many ads on TV about septic companies and products to take care of it. All too often, homeowners will postpone, procrastinate or just plain ole forget to have the septic system checked and pumped out.

The septic system something that is so easy to forget about, it sits there, out of sight, out of mind, taking your unwanted waste and processing it. It sits in the yard under a tuft of grass. So how do you make sure that you don’t run into problems with it?

Set your Septic tank on a scheduleMy suggestion is to set up a schedule on a calendar, most cell phones now a days have one, you might also have one through Outlook, Gmail or any calendar that you use. Consult your local septic company about how often your tank needs to be pumped, most will come out for free to inspect it and give you a quote for what needs to be done, so ask them while they are there how often it needs to be maintained and put that into your calendar. Usually it ranges from 2 to 5 years, this depends on how large your septic tank is, how many people are using it and what goes into the septic tank for example if you have a garbage disposal all the food you put into it will go into the tank. Use a septic tank treatment and a cleaner every so often to keep the septic tank flowing and to avoid clogs.

Garbage disposals add about 50% of the solids in your septic tank and frequently lead to malfunctions, you should never put any oils or grease in the garbage disposal and if you want to be environmentally friendly, you can start composting instead of using the garbage disposal.

With proper care your septic tank will cost you less in the long term than using city sewer, however, when your septic tank is neglected, it will get very costly. If your septic tank starts backing up and overflowing it can run you thousands of dollars to clean it out and pump it.

Seminole County Health Department has a comprehensive list of Do's and Don't for Septic Systems.

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