Gully Gawk, Giljagaur

Gully Gawk, Giljagaur

Gully Gawk

On 13 December it is Gully Gawk's turn. Before milking machines were invented he had a habit of stealing into the cowshed and slurping the foam off the milk in the buckets.

Giljagaur, Gully GawkThe second was Gully Gawk,
gray his head and mien.
He snuck into the cow barn
from his craggy ravine.

Hiding in the stalls,
he would steal the milk, while
the milkmaid gave the cowherd
a meaningful smile.


From the poem The Yuletide Lads by Jóhannes úr Kötlum.                              English translation by Hallberg Hallmundsson.



Giljagaur, Gully Gawk

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