We offer a FREE Comparable Market Rental Analysis (CMRA) for your property.

For Owners:

• Comparative Market Rental Analysis for the property which includes recent rentals in the area and based on the current market values we assist the property owner in setting a fair market rental value for the property
• Viking Team Certified Vendors who through our experience we have found to be reliable and experts in their respective fields, our Vendors also undergo a background check since we will not send just anyone into our renters homes
• FAR/BAR leases

• Knowledgeable Property Manager whose services are Tax-deductible
• 1099 Tax Form at the end of each year
• Owner’s Monthly Statement detailing rent paid, repairs that have been performed, fees and amount being mailed to them that month.
• Yearly Statement with an overview of repairs/maintenance, rent paid, vacancy and collections cost, advertising and all other cost associated with the property paid by owner.
• Qualified tenants that have been screened by a background and credit check.

For Investors:

We will assist you in finding a property with a good Return On Investment (ROI), for foreign nationals we work with lawyers and Certified Public Accountants who specialize in working with international customers to make sure that your investment decisions are most appropriate for you and make sure that you are IRS compliant.