Sausage Swiper, Bjúgnakrækir

Sausage Swiper, Bjúgnakrækir

Sausage Swiper

On 20 December we are expecting Sausage Swiper. He loved to eat sausages and stole them whenever he had a chance.

Bjúgnakrækir, Sausage SwiperThe ninth was Sausage Swiper,
a shifty pilferer.
He climbed up to the rafters
and raided food from there.

Sitting on a crossbeam
in soot and in smoke,
he fed himself on sausage
fit for gentlefolk.


From the poem The Yuletide Lads by Jóhannes úr Kötlum.                              English translation by Hallberg Hallmundsson.

Bjúgnakrækir, Sausage Swiper

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