International Real Estate

International Real Estate


We at The Viking Team have realized that it is not enough for our International Customers to just get assistance with the real-estate transaction.  You are often in the situation that you are in a strange country and are not familiar with, how business is conducted in the United States.  This is why we have made it our business to connect with specialists in many fields, so we can guide you through all your needs and wishes.  It is our intention to explain some of these services on this page.

The Key to successful International Real-estateOur key goal is to make sure that; while we strive to fulfill all your real-estate needs, that you will understand everything that is happening in the transaction and be completely at ease.


International business, langue and customs

In International business, language and customs can be a big obstacle.  This is why we at The Viking Team have taken the time to learn about International Real-estate and Customs around the world.  Petur holds now the certifications of: Transnational Referral Certificate, TRC, At Home With Diversity, AHWD and is an applicant to Certified International Property Specialist, CIPS.  We are also able to find translators to assist with the transaction. 


Safe and economicl transfer of funds between countries.

Safe and economical transfer of funds between countries is essential for our customer.  This is why we are in contact with companies that are willing to assist you with this part of the transaction.  We will also assist you with opening, bank accounts in the USA.


Foreign nationals borrowing funds in USA

Borrowing funds in the USA for foreign nationals can sometimes be difficult.  We have managed to find some companies that are willing to do so.  So once again we can help you find companies to serve you and save you some legwork. 


Commercial real-estate and business brokerage

Even though Commercial Real-estate and Business Brokerage is not our specialty,  we have co-operation with Realtors that specialize in those fields.  In other words if we are not the best in the field, we will find you the best.



Converting Inches into Meters and visa versa

 Converting Inches into Meters and visa versa can be confusing.  This is why we will help you with all convections and enable you to fully compare what you are purchasing to a size that you are familiar with and used to.




Protecting our investment with insurance and managementWe all want to protect our investment, whether it is a home, business or commercial property.  This is why we are willing to assist you with finding the best quote for your insurance and help you protect your investment.  Also if needed we are able to help you find property management and caretakers for you property.



Furnitures, supplies and decorators

Furniture, decorators, suppliers of any kind, are also on our list of co-operating companies.  We pride ourselves on making your transaction as easy as possible and we want our service to be the best that you have ever experienced.




Immigrating to the USA on just need a visaWhether you are immigrating to the USA or want to stay here for a period of time, we are able to assist you.  We have a network of Immigration Attorneys that can assist with green cards and visas.



International real estate servicesAs you can see International Real-estate can be quite complicated at times. We have mentioned few things on this page, but not all.  The main thing is that we will help you find the solutions to all your needs and even though we don’t know all the answers, we know where to find them.